Betty was my first cat. My mom had cats, but Betty was the first that lived with me in my own home. She and her sister Judy came to live with us shortly after we got to Bay Minette. They were going to be yard cats, but Judy was sick and didn’t make it, and Betty had to spend 6 months in quarantine inside - and she never left.

She loved Angus so much, and took very good care of him when he was sick. And she was the mama cat to all the others who came in to our lives, holding them down and cleaning them aggressively until they stopped smelling like outsiders.

People who met her were always surprised by her friendliness, her bob tail, and how vocal she was. I’ve never known a cat who talked as much as Betty. Especially at midnight when I opened the refrigerator.

She fought very hard at the end, but she finally wore out and was happy to get some rest. She will be missed so very much. Especially at midnight when I open the refrigerator.