Mamie was our fourth cat. We first heard her yelling outside our bedroom window at night, but whenever we went to find her she was already gone. Emily decided to try and crack the garage door and feed her. I was sure it was a possum eating the food, but a webcam revealed that I was wrong, and it was Mamie. We trapped her and had her spayed, and while she recovered she ripped her stitches out - I’m pretty sure it was so we wouldn’t make her go back outside. After that she lived with us.

She was one of the 6 who welcomed Eleanor home from the hospital when she was born.

Mamie didn’t like people, really - except for Emily. Most of the time she didn’t like other cats much, either. (Except for Tyler, who was really sweet when she felt bad and sat real close.) But we all loved her very much.

She had a rough few weeks here at the end, but we did our best to keep her comfy and full of Strawberry Cheesecake Ben & Jerry’s.

We’ll all miss her very much.