Finished Project: Grey Scarf

a thin, knit grey scarf

I finished my first knitting project over Thanksgiving break, a grey scarf for Washington. It was mainly meant to be additional practice, but I decided it would be more fun if I had a goal in mind. And everyone knows cats love scarves.

I started over a few times to get the width right, and then just went until it felt long enough.

I used some yarn from Emily’s stash, Tomorrow Farm (now Camelot Dyeworks) Kodiak, an organic merino wool. I used her US 11 needles - I’m not commited enough to have my own needles. Yet? We’ll see.

a black cat wearing the grey scarf, looking into the distance

Here he is posing to show it off. He likes wearing it way more than I expected him to, he’s kept it on for hours at a time while he naps.

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