Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby Pool

I had planned to run a baby pool, but then talked myself out of it.

Emily’s readers have talked me back into it.

So, it’s a “getting-down-to-the-wire-but-we-still-don’t-know-pink-or-blue” baby pool.

To enter, email me (ivey at and tell me a date and pink or blue. You need to get both to win the grand prize, whatever that is. People who get the date only will get something fun. People who only get pink or blue will get the satisfaction of having won a 50-50 coin flip.

Oh, tell me if you’ll want a regular prize or a yarn related prize.

To sum up:

  To: Michael Ivey <ivey at>
  From: You
  Subject: Baby Pool Entry for Your Name
  Feb. 31st
  Prize w/ extra fiber, please

Good luck!


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