Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thinking about getting TiVo? Use me as a referral.

TiVo has a rewards program, which they’re phasing out. The last day to earn any referral points is April 30. So, if you’re thinking about getting TiVo sometime soon, please get it before April 30, and please use my email address for the referral.

Why should you do this?

Because, for every referral I get 5000 points. For 500 points, I can order 5 (yes 5!) 3" TiVo plush things.

This means that if you use me as a referral, and I get 5000 points, and I then order 3" TiVo plush things, I can get 50 of them. 50 3" TiVo plush things if you buy TiVo! How cool is that?

I’ll even share. If you want some of them, and use me as a referral, I’ll send you some. Heck, I’ll send you some even if you don’t, if I end up with enough.

My goal is to have enough to fill the bathtub. Or maybe Ellie’s crib. Or the Jeep.


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