Friday, June 13, 2008

Internet Speed

Around 2 PM, I heard via Twitter that there was a rumor that Tim Russert was dead. Since I’ve been a mostly-regular MTP viewer for years, I started following the information really closely for a little bit.

I checked Google News but there was nothing. Same with Blog Search and Wikipedia and a few other places.

When I checked again five minutes later, there was a single post on Google Blog Search, asking if anyone else had heard the rumor. Google News still had nothing. It was strange to be pretty sure some news had happened, and yet not see it on the political blogs.

Five minutes later, the NY Post had broken the story, it was on Drudge, and Blog Search had posts from people blogging they had heard it on the radio. NBC didn’t cut in to the golf game with Brokaw’s report for at least 10 more minutes. CNN waited on them, but the blogosphere was already aflame. The internet moves fast.

It will be weird not hearing Russert’s take on this coming general election and Sunday afternoons (I TiVo MTP) will be very different.


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