Friday, June 20, 2008


I’m supposed to be working on the book right now. Finishing chapter 2, to be precise. That’s what I’ve been doing all day.

Guess how many words I’ve written. Go on, guess.

That’s right, none! Nary a word.

I’ve helped Emily get Ellie in, and out, and in again, and right back out of her new sling.

I’ve cleaned up birdseed, after William Henry got into it.

I’ve been to Wal-Mart, the grocery store, the library and the Post Office. (Note to the two clients who didn’t send me checks yet: uhm…please do that.)

I’ve got the new Weezer album on, I’ve had a Dr. Pepper, and I’m going to crank some words out, dammit. Good ones, too. These are about to be some really stellar words. Just you watch.


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