Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanks for the Retweets

Lately I’ve been seeing a handful of tweets per day that say something like, “Thanks to @soandso, @friend, @someoneelse for the retweets today!” and … it doesn’t feel right, to me.

I get it. Twitter’s about social, and connections, and all that jazz. If someone retweets something you said, they’re lending you a little bit of their credibility. That’s a nice thing to do, and it’s worth thanking them for it, especially if it’s something you’d really like to get out there.

If it was a DM, or a reply to that one person, I wouldn’t notice. (I might not even see it.) Which is why people use the more public list of thank-yous, of course.

Somehow, though, it seems like it’s less about a genuine thank-you, and more of the self-promotion feedback loop we see over and over again on Twitter. What do you think? Am I being cynical and reading it wrong?


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